2012 Office Awards



Ample Opportunity, Inc held it’s annual holiday party on Friday December 21, and in addition to a pot luck and “Secret Santa” gift giveaways that had been going on the entire week, a number of outstanding performers were recognized by company president Cory Collins for the efforts and contributions.


Nine award certificates were presented and here are the categories and recipients:


Most Persistent – Daniel Damatov


Most Improved – Camilla Spradley


Most Versatile – Mark Williams


Most Committed – Felix Denis


Hardest Worker – Anshu Bose


Top Producer – Andres Borja


Business Partnership Award – Olivia Depina


“Who’s Got Next” – Trevor Hunt


Most Outstanding – Quran Wilson



“We are extremely proud of everyone for their hard work and dedication in 2012,” said Cory. “We especially wanted to recognize a few individuals who we feel stood out the most and who’s contributions deserved to be acknowledged.”





About ampleopportunityinc

Ample Opportunity Inc. has brought an innovative promotional marketing and sales strategy to Central Florida. We represent large, serviced-based corporations with a focus on customer acquisition, reacquisition and retention. In order to provide more profit-share to clients within a specific target market, we perform outsourced marketing and consultative services for them so that they can spend more time focusing on their principle expertise. This is essential in helping our clients reach their revenue goals. We specialize in meeting with our clients' existing and potential customers one on one and in person, versus via telemarketing, direct mail and/or email. When compared to more traditional marketing channels, this proactive marketing approach helps strengthen the relationship between our clients and their current and potential customers through building rapport and establishing trust with the customers. By providing a professional & positive team oriented work environment, and upholding the values & integrity of the clients that we represent, our mission is to be recognized as the most progressive enterprise in the direct-marketing industry. We will continue to deliver hard work, integrity and honesty to our clients and customers.
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