Frequently Asked Questions

What does Ample Opportunity, Inc. do?

The strength of our organization is based on our people and the clients we represent. Our focus is to provide a positive, consistent, hands-on, growth oriented environment for our staff in order to continue to build a high-volume of new business customers for our clients
I have experience; do I still have to start at the entry-level?  
Ever had a boss who had NO IDEA how to do your job, but they tried to tell you anyway? We have, and we don’t want that anywhere in our company. So the answer is a resounding YES. We believe that strong leaders lead from the front. Having served in every position within our company, our managers show their people a willingness to get their hands dirty and do the work alongside their team, not just coach from the sidelines. Our training program is hard work, but those who succeed end with a strong prize: an equity share in the company as a managing partner.
I’ve heard that most entry-level positions in sales are commission only. Is this true for Ample Opportunity?
No. We believe in investing in our team members as they grow. All of our team members receive base-level compensation and have the opportunity to earn additional money through commission and bonuses. 

Do I have to do face-to-face sales at the entry level and account management positions?

Yes, everyone begins in sales and here is why: Sales is the basis of all business. In order to truly understand and succeed in business, one must develop a working knowledge and experience of sales. By training all of our people in face-to-face sales, we prepare them to compete in today’s business environment. 100% of our managing partners began in entry level sales, positioning them to understand and empathize with the day to day challenges of their associates and developing them to be effective managers.

How does Ample Opportunity get clients to represent?

We have several partners within our organization that are responsible for supplying us with clients. They have successfully increased our portfolio of clients we represent with top tier name-brands within several industries: business and wireless telecommunications, business equipment/supplies, merchant services, cable & satellite TV, high speed internet, solar electricity and energy. This enables us to focus exclusively on productivity and growth. 

Is there opportunity for advancement?

Absolutely. Our company is built on extending growth opportunities to our employees and we believe 100% in promotion from within, no seniority, and no politics. Every manager within our organization started at an entry-level position ,and was able to advance into higher positions through his or her own merit.

How quickly can I get promoted?

hat depends on you! One of the real distinguishing factors about Ample Opportunity is that your success is truly in your hands. Once someone is accepted into our Management Program, all future promotions are based entirely on performance. We have seen people move through to management in less than a year and have seen it take up to three. This is a fraction of the time it takes in most seniority-based companies where growth is limited by corporate budgets and bureaucracy. This provides our people with a clear career path without fear for layoff or downsizing.


About ampleopportunityinc

Ample Opportunity Inc. has brought an innovative promotional marketing and sales strategy to Central Florida. We represent large, serviced-based corporations with a focus on customer acquisition, reacquisition and retention. In order to provide more profit-share to clients within a specific target market, we perform outsourced marketing and consultative services for them so that they can spend more time focusing on their principle expertise. This is essential in helping our clients reach their revenue goals. We specialize in meeting with our clients' existing and potential customers one on one and in person, versus via telemarketing, direct mail and/or email. When compared to more traditional marketing channels, this proactive marketing approach helps strengthen the relationship between our clients and their current and potential customers through building rapport and establishing trust with the customers. By providing a professional & positive team oriented work environment, and upholding the values & integrity of the clients that we represent, our mission is to be recognized as the most progressive enterprise in the direct-marketing industry. We will continue to deliver hard work, integrity and honesty to our clients and customers.
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